About Roberta

It is probably sensitive of me to give you a brief intro on who I am so that you can get to know me better. On my website, lifekoru.com, you can find a lot more about myself and my project. So, I was born in Italy a few decades ago and, so far, I have spent most of my working life in the corporate world. Hence, I can say I am a professional. However, in the last few years I have literally turned my life upside down by taking a very long sabbatical to investing in myself and learning new competences, outside of my comfort zone. It has been, and it still is, an amazing journey of learning and self-empowerment. It was precisely during this period that I launched Lifekoru as I really wanted to create a community of likeminded people to interact with and share my passion and enthusiasm for the method that changed my life. I am so very much into wellness, whether it comes to fitness and personal growth. Furthermore, I have always been sporty, even though, in recent years, I have become more interested in finding out ways to create balance and harmony between body and mind to make them support one another in unleashing their full potential to Health, Happiness and Youth. Passion for wellness is deeply rooted inside me, since ever. The reason of that has also something to do with a quite serious medical condition I experienced in my '20s. When you are so young you think you will have all the time you need for doing whatever you want in life but, at some point, it may happen that all the time you were supposed to have can be dramatically shortened in just a matter of minutes. However, I was really lucky. I succeeded in dealing with my condition AND I got the lesson: I realized how important was my health only once I had lost it. I had taken my wellbeing for granted, as a given, without actually doing anything to look after it properly. Therefore, from that day on, I decided that I needed a change and I promised myself to do everything it would have taken to keep myself in the best possible health condition. This is what my NEAT programme is all about: being healthy and experiencing the bliss and the joy that comes from feeling thoroughly full of energy and zest for life. This is what I wish myself every single day and this is what I wish you too. Roberta

Mindfulness Experiences for Adolescents

Whether we have personally experienced parenting or coaching adolescents, or not, we all know that these ages can be a pretty rambunctious experience for all concerned, so much so that, often, in everyday language adolescence [...]

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Let’s talk about nutrition!

Hi everybody! How are you doing? With Spring fully sprung and more brighter and longer days, aren’t you feeling like spending more time outside, moving and breathing? In this period of the year it also [...]

Where you can find Lifekoru project

Welcome back! Did you enjoy the workout? Today’s post is about the digital places where you can find and download more about Lifekoru. In addition to Facebook where, as you may be already aware of, [...]

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