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It all began as an idea of the founder, Roberta, whose purpose is to present and share an overarching, but at the same time modular and fun, approach to healthy nutrition, fitness and meditation but without neglecting to shed light on the importance of mindset, that melting pot of beliefs, convictions and assumptions that drive our thoughts, actions, choices in life and, last but not least, our self-image and self-worth perception

Roberta thinks that having a deeper look at these subjects, mastering them and, eventually, exploiting possible synergies among these different areas, will enable us to consolidate in a long-lasting way the results achieved in each one of them. On top of that, this will also prevent us from bouncing back and forth and experiencing such a frustrating yo-yo effect, which, unfortunately, associates many programs of physical transformational and personal growth

Thanks to her personal experience of almost 20 years of personal studies, info gathering and trials that allowed her to progressively tweak the program’s structure in the most effective way, Roberta believes that the NEAT protocol (Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, Mindset) can effectively support the practitioners to get harmonic and balanced mind-body lifestyle and, consequently, long-lasting results

This programme’s content is accessible through different channels: this website and Lifekoru’s profile in the main social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

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As quickly touched upon before, NEAT represents the core program of Lifekoru, thanks to a modular structure that ensures a consistent and organic unfolding of progressive contents

The NEAT programme is illustrated in detail in the e-book “Think fit, be fit” available in free download to this website’s users

The NEAT programme consiste of 4 Modules:

1 = Nutrition

2 = Exercise

3 = Meditation

4 = Mindset

This way, users will have the chance to freely choose how many modules and which ones of them to get

Have a look at the NEAT modules!

The booklet “Think fit, Be fit” is the introduction to Lifekoru’s holistic and integrated approach to physical and mental wellness

It presents a modular approach to healthy nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and, not least, gives an overview about mindset, that melting pot of beliefs and assumptions that drive, mainly utterly unconsciously, our thoughts, actions, choices in every aspects of our lives, our self-image and self-worth-perception

This booklet offers very useful advices and suggestions on how to bypass detrimental habits and inclinations, which many of us very often fall victim of, and guide you successfully to the long-lasting mental and physical wellness you are looking for

A short section of “Think fit, Be fit” also covers Roberta’s own ‘story’ which led her to found Lifekoru and design the NEAT Programme

Thanks to her direct experience which includes almost 20 years of studies about wellness, info gathering and several trials that allowed her to progressively refine her approach, Roberta has designed the NEAT protocol (Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, Mindset) to effectively support practitioners in getting an harmonic and balanced mind-body lifestyle and, consequently, long-lasting results

NEAT is the main Programme of Lifekoru, the web portal on Wellness Made Simple

Thanks to its 360° approach to wellness, it guides you to a very simple and straightforward path to mental and physical wellbeing and to long-lasting results

Give yourself the gift of the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, you can start right here, with “Think fit, Be fit”!

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Welcome to visitors of website. NEAT Programme for wellness


  • For those who want to improve their body as well as their mind

  • For those who want to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves, fully aware of their value, potential and power

  • For those who want to be part of a community of healthy and empowered individuals


  • I will offer the most comprehensive, simple and straightforward approach to long-lasting physical and mental wellness: the NEAT Programme

    NEAT has a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness: it takes care of the body, as well as of the mind and, when it comes to exercising, it trains not only the body but also the face

    NEAT has 4 modules: Nutrition, Exercise (Body + Face), Meditation & Mindset

  • I will give a FULL explanation and a FREE taste of each step of the NEAT programme so that you can have your own experience and decide for yourself whether it suits your needs and expectations

  • I will back up all the information and practices I share with you with medical and scientifical evidence

  • I will be there for you to contact me, if you wish


I want people to be their happiest and healthiest self, fully aware of their value, potential and power


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